Surprise Proposal!

It’s hard for me to keep a secret, especially one this exciting but Kristy Neick swore me to secrecy and mum was the word for several weeks as this beautiful proposal was planned! This couple met at Washington High School (where I also met my husband!) and dated for many years. Life separated them for many years after school and both were fording paths in life in different directions.

Fate has a strong way of pulling people back together that are just meant to be…and that is exactly what happened with Chris Wells and Kelly Yang!

Yesterday, we held a “BFF Shoot” at the Hyatt at Gainey Ranch Golf Course when SURPRISE, a very romantic Chris landed right behind us in a helicopter on their one year anniversary of dating again. ¬†Chris got down on one knee, pulled out the biggest diamond I have ever seen and Kelly said an enthusiastic YES! They flew off into the sunset together to fly over sentimental locations of their past.

Congratulations to this couple who will certainty have the cutest kids we may all ever see!


Chris & Kelly Proposal 9-XL Chris & Kelly Proposal 17-XL Chris & Kelly Proposal 40-XL Chris & Kelly Proposal 78-XL Chris & Kelly Proposal 101-XL Chris & Kelly Proposal 111-XLChris & Kelly Proposal 116-XLChris & Kelly Proposal 123-XLChris & Kelly Proposal 129-XLChris & Kelly Proposal 126-X2Chris & Kelly Proposal 135-XLChris & Kelly Proposal 162-XLChris & Kelly Proposal 172-XLChris & Kelly Proposal 171-XLChris & Kelly Proposal 187-XLChris & Kelly Proposal 199-XL