Brand New Baby A | Phoenix Newborn Photographer

Ohhhhh isn’t there just something about a tiny newborn baby just a few days old?  Can’t you almost smell their sweet baby scent just LOOKING at these??

Baby A joined her family and we were so lucky to get to meet her and spend a day with her in all her adorable little hats and ribbons!  She was a doll baby, and just as pretty as one could hope! We loved snuggling this sweet girl, and loved the little golfing nod at the end her parents tossed in with her props!  Super duper triple scoop cute!

Thank you for sharing your day with us Baby A, can’t wait to see you as you grow!

Alyssa Newborn 1-L Alyssa Newborn 4-L Alyssa Newborn 13-L Alyssa Newborn 32-L Alyssa Newborn 41-L Alyssa Newborn 46-L Alyssa Newborn 52-L Alyssa Newborn 62-L Alyssa Newborn 71-L Alyssa Newborn 76-L