K + B Wed! | Phoenix Wedding Photographer

We wanted to follow up our blog post on Katy and Bill’s engagement session with…their beautiful wedding!

Again, Katie and Katy have been friends forever and ever, and shooting this special day for her and Bill was nothing but an honor!  Katy was glowing and Bill looked so happy, and these images make us smile for days!  Especially loving all the sweet shots with little  Ella, Katy’s darling girl!  What an angel!  (The picture where she’s upside down in the chair at the reception is studio manager Jenny’s most favorite picture…maybe ever?)

Congratulations to you both again and again, we were so happy to be a part of these memories!

Big thank you to the awesome vendors who helped make this day so wonderful to photograph!

Venue: Private residence

Food Trucks:  Short Leash and Paradise Melts

Flowers: Petals and Lucy

Hair and Makeup:  The Roose Parlour and Spa

A- K&B Prep 3-X2 A- K&B Prep 13-X3 A- K&B Prep 15-X3 A- K&B Prep 26-X2 A- K&B Prep 32-X2 A- K&B Prep 37-X2 A- K&B Prep 40-X3 A- K&B Prep 48-X3 A- K&B Prep 53-X3 A- K&B Prep 65-X3 A- K&B Prep 73-X3 A- K&B Prep 77-X3 A- K&B Prep 98-X2 A- K&B Prep 100-X2 A- K&B Prep 109-X2 A- K&B Prep 114-X2 A- K&B Prep 129-X3 A- K&B Prep 132-X2 A- K&B Prep 144-X3 B- K&B Family 18-X2 B- K&B Family 39-X3 B- K&B Family 162-X3 C- K&B Bridal 7-X3 C- K&B Bridal 15-X3 C- K&B Bridal 31-X2 C- K&B Bridal 37-X3 C- K&B Bridal 67-X2 C- K&B Bridal 85-X2 C- K&B Bridal 92-X3 C- K&B Bridal 103-X3 C- K&B Bridal 117-X2 C- K&B Bridal 144-X2 C- K&B Bridal 147-X2 D- K&B Ceremony 12-X3 D- K&B Ceremony 32-X3 D- K&B Ceremony 38-X2 D- K&B Ceremony 104-X2 D- K&B Ceremony 114-X3 D- K&B Ceremony 119-X2 D- K&B Ceremony 123-X3 D- K&B Ceremony 128-X3 D- K&B Ceremony 129-X3 D- K&B Ceremony 131-X3 D- K&B Ceremony 141-X3 E- K&B Reception 9-X3 E- K&B Reception 10-X3 E- K&B Reception 21-X2 E- K&B Reception 24-X2 E- K&B Reception 71-X3 E- K&B Reception 91-X2 E- K&B Reception 103-X3 E- K&B Reception 108-X2 E- K&B Reception 132-X3 E- K&B Reception 144-X3 E- K&B Reception 146-X3 E- K&B Reception 163-X2 E- K&B Reception 167-X2