C + S Wed! | Phoenix Wedding Photographer | The Duce

We love this couple so much!

Casey and Sophia are a blast to photograph, which we learned in their awesome engagement session first, and when we heard they’d decided to get married out of town, we were THRILLED they still had a fabulous Phoenix reception with their loved ones that we got to be a part of at The Duce downtown!

Congratulations again and again, Casey and Sophia, we love your big smiles and wonderful selves!

Venue |  The Duce 

C&S Reception 2-X3 C&S Reception 9-X2 C&S Reception 27-X3 C&S Reception 30-X3 C&S Reception 43-X3 C&S Reception 56-X2 C&S Reception 101-X3 C&S Reception 105-X3 C&S Reception 134-X3 Zaft Bridal 5-X3 Zaft Bridal 18-X2 Zaft Bridal 24-X2 Zaft Bridal 37-X3 Zaft Bridal 42-X3 Zaft Bridal 50-X3 Zaft Bridal 61-X3 Zaft Bridal 68-X3 Zaft Bridal 89-X3 Zaft Bridal 92-X3 Zaft Bridal 125-X2 Zaft Bridal 129-X2 Zaft Bridal 148-X2 Zaft Bridal 162-X3 Zaft Bridal 171-X3