But really, I am no Super Woman.

I am asked on a very frequent basis, “How do you manage it all? You are seriously Super Woman.”


It’s my nature to be a busy body. I rarely sit down because I don’t like to. I don’t sleep in because I like having a full day of light to work with. If I could skip stretching and warming up in every workout, I would be overjoyed because I could get right to business. I utilize every second in my day to its fullest potential.

One of my Facebook friends and wonderful photography clients recently posted something about how she always lives in either black or white…there was no in-between gray living for her. She is either all in or all out. I’d like to say that I apply 100% of myself into everything that I do as well but when you become stretched so thin between all of the commitments and responsibilities of life, you simply can’t be perfect at it all. I’ll be the first to admit that I have been living in a shade of gray for quite some time now…applying just enough of myself to keep things moving forward and utilizing quite a few helpers to make it all work (I seriously paid people on a regular basis to run simple errands for me).

Many of my photography clients are surprised when I tell them that I work a full-time job in addition to photography. It’s true. For almost the last 10 years I have worked as a Senior Development Manager at Evergreen Devco…one of the best commercial real estate development companies in Arizona. I love real estate development and finding it incredibly challenging, dynamic and rewarding.

I have been stretched thin but I have been surviving (but barely on life support some years) the stretch between my full-time job, being a professional photographer, a mother to two (now three) kids, a wife, maintaining a healthy body…and finding time to sleep, eat and live life. This balance has taken an incredible amount of discipline and prioritizing. But my priorities were starting to feel out of whack and I knew something needed to change but finding the courage to actually make a change seemed impossible to muster up. Or maybe it was just the lack of mental time to even gather the thoughts on how this life could look or feel.

And then came baby #3, Finley Ireland. She looked at us all and said, slow down the crazy for goodness sake! I mean look at those eyes…they say it all 🙂



When Finley was born, I decided to take an extended maternity leave from Evergreen to spend six months home with our new baby and to slow life down. During the last few months, life slapped me in the face and I realized that the busy life I led before Finley was not something I was ready to return to. I needed a longer break.


My six months would have been up this week. So, earlier this month, I informed Evergreen that I would not be returning at the end of my maternity leave. I officially made the scary, brave and exciting choice to stay home for the next few years to focus on my family and photography career.

Thank you all for the support that you have shown so far in the making of this decision. So much self-doubt companions the bravery it takes to make this decision. Cheers to 2015 being the best year ever.

RoundsThank you to Courtney Sargent for always capturing our family photos just perfect.