These Are The Good Ol’ Days


As an adult, we look back on our childhood and young adult life and remember certain points in time and consider them “the good ol’ days” for one reason or another. I certainly have those same memories of my childhood when life was carefree and life’s responsibilities included nothing more than doing some simple chores, attending school, planning play dates with my best friend on the opposite side of the alley and counting down the days until the next big holiday to celebrate. Those were certainty the good ol’ days of being a child.

It’s like I blinked and woke up and here I am, smack dab in the middle of those same good ol day memories that my children are forming. In 2015, life was carefree, full of new discovery, wonder and pure joy for our three girls. I also know that Cody and I will look back at this time and reminisce about these days and wish we could go right back to this same period in time for forever. I seriously never want the present to end because these days are even better than I ever could have imagined. We are truly knee deep in the good ol’ days with our own children.


At 8 years old, Riley is officially entering that early tween stage and spends most of her free time playing out front with her friends singing along to songs on the radio, planning dance routines for the talent show, shooting hoops and kicking a soccer balls. Riley has a soft heart and always takes time to remind me how much she loves me. She is the best role model to her two younger sisters and is the “little momma” of the family.

At almost 6 years old, Keeley is quite the opposite of her older sister and enjoys breaking any rule that we put in front of her…while also managing to make everyone laugh while she does it. Keeley has spunk, style, sass and lots of personality! If you were to ask Keeley what she is good at, she would quickly provided you a witty answer that includes the fact that she is the world’s best at handstands, she loves playing soccer and is a milk monster.

At 18 months, Finley is the true baby of the family and is loved on, adored by, and given anything she wants by her older sisters. Finley is 100% obsessed with her cousin Cora…the sight of her home, her car or Cora in person are almost too much for Finley to handle. Finley is finding her way in this world and knows how to demand and get everything she wants. While her words aren’t perfect yet, she babbles all day long as if she is holding a full conversation with someone…slowly, all of those little sounds are sounding like real words and sentences.

I am incredibly grateful from all of my photography clients and fans for helping me grow and sustain this photography business of mine. 2015 was a great year…excited to see what 2016 brings!


PC: Blue Lilly

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